Last day of term Friday 18 December




 Welcome to the Ocelots' page!


We are a fantastic Year 4 class of 32 children, also known as The Ocelots! We love to learn and have lots of fun whilst doing so! This is the place to find pictures of what we are doing and any important information. 


Staff in Ocelots:

Miss David - Class Teacher [All days except Thursday afternoons]

Miss Nairn - P.E [Thursday third Session]

Mr Chambers - Computing [Thursday fourth  Session]


Miss Parker - Teaching Assistant 

Mel -Teaching Assistant

Kara - Teaching Assistant 


This term:

This term, we have a Georgraphy focus where we will be talking about the continents, oceans in relation to where our food comes from. We will be exploring different countries close to us aswell as other countries we may not have heard of before. We will be looking at different dishes that England is famous for as well as other dishes from around the globe. 


Also to note:

P.E will be every Thursday and Friday.

Book change days will be Mondays and Thursdays.

Spelling test and Big Maths Beat That every Friday.

Dukes Barn: Friday wnd October 2020



For homework we have regular reading, SPaG and maths homework and then we have project work to do as well.


Our regular work includes reading, spellings and maths practise. Everyone in the class has a spelling booklet (a copy is available below). We also all have logins for "Spelling Shed" and "Maths Shed", they are great fun and help us learn.


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