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Meet Our Teaching Staff:

 Mrs Jamson
Mrs Sarah Kirkham
Deputy Headteacher & SENCO
 Mrs. Redfern
EYFS, Art and Design, PHSCE and School Council
Foundation (Kittens)
Mrs. Killen 
Foundation (Kittens)

 Mrs. Gautam
Religious Education and British Values
Year 1 (Leopards)
Miss. Smith
Science and DT
Year 3 (Cougars)

Mrs. Syalon
English,Student Mentor and Investors in pupils
Year 2 (Tigers)
 Miss. David
Music, MFL and School Council
Year 4 (Ocelots)
Mr. Drew
Year 3 (Cougars)

Mr MacGregorMr. Macgregor
Maths and PE
Year 6 (Lions)

 Mrs. Knight
History and Geography
Year 5 (Lynx)

Meet Our Teaching Assistants:
 Mrs. Phythian

 Miss. Parker

Kara Waghorn

Nikki Searcy 

 Mrs. Holmes

 Mrs. Handley
Foundation (Kittens)

Mrs. Blakey

Miss. Ellwood


Meet Our Support Staff:
Mrs. Wilkinson
School Business Manager
Mrs. Golar
School Administrator
 Glen Searcy
Caretaker &
Lunchtime Assistant
Melanie Duck
Lunchtime Supervisor
& Personal Care Asst.
Sue Searcy
Elaine Ludlow
Karen Fisher
Lunchtime Assistant
Jane Cooke
Lunchtime Assistant
Berrin Besceli
Lunchtime Assistant
Laura Bates
Lunchtime Assistant
Suzanne Corbett
Kitchen Assistant

Taniya Kaushik
Lunchtime Assistant
Lian Perry
Lunctime Assistant
 Tracey Warren
Lunchtime Assistant