First Day Back- Thursday 3 September- Please drop your children off between 8.50am - 9.10am.

   Sharewear School Scheme   


Today, in front of Cllr Jenny Hollingsworth and our MP Vernon Coaker, Willow Farm Primary School because the first primary school in the whole of Nottinghamshire to join the Sharewear School Scheme.


Sharewear is a charity that provides emergency clothing, shoes and bedding to people in Nottingham currently in crisis - in February alone they clothed over 250 people! This year is their third birthday; to celebrate, they are setting up the Sharewear Schools Scheme. This scheme will see schools become official partners with the charity to the mutual benefit of both. Sharewear will help the schools with resources and assemblies on their charity work, clothing poverty, the ethics in the clothing industry etc. The school will collect donations for Sharewear as well as being a referral hub and offering volunteering opportunities for the community.


We are proud to be the first primary school to sign up to the scheme and as such we were part of the Sharewear Schools launch day today. Louise from Sharewear visited some secondary schools that have signed up and then came to us to give a presentation on what the scheme is about, what they do as a charity and presented the school with the Sharewear Schools Scheme plaque.


If you would like any more information about Sharewear and the Scheme please come in and ask at the office or talk to Mr Drew in the Leopards’ Class.